Tours are given by appointment
between the hours of
10:30 am. - 2:00 pm. 
Please call to arrange a visit
to Top Dog! (952)353-2600
Arrival and departure hours:
7-10 a.m. & 4-7 p.m. daily

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Sep 25, 2014


"Hi, my name is Alta. I'm a Norwegian Elkhound and I'm almost 10 years old. I've been so lucky. My family loves me so much they send me to TDCC whenever they are away from home. TDCC is so cool. Mostly I like that fact that everyone loves me, even though I am shy, a little skittish, and bark a lot. When I'm there, I get to run and play with other dogs almost all day long. One day I even jumped in their pool, but then I remembered I didn't like water. My sister Senja, who is in puppy heaven now, and I have been going to TDCC since they opened. I get lots of belly rubs, some nice ear rubbin' and some tasty treats. They are the best!" 
Mark & Liz Pilot