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Keeping Your Best Friend Safe on Thanksgiving!Posted In: Thanksgiving, Safety, dogs

Nov 24, 2014

Puppy eating turkey on the table

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and a table filled with goodies is a dangerous place for a dog.  Here are some tips to keep Fido safe this year….

Preparing for the day:

First things first, make sure he’s wearing a collar with his name and your contact info.  With people coming and going and kids running out to play, it will be easy for him to slip out the door unnoticed.  Tell your guests to ensure the door is tightly closed.

Feed your dog before the crowd arrives.  If he’s already eaten, he’ll hopefully be less inclined to beg for food.

Extra exercise before the guests arrive!  A wiggly, over-exuberant pup can be a nuisance to the elderly visitors.  Take him for an extra-long run in the morning to tire him out.  If you don't have time to spare for a walk, schedule him to stay at his favorite Minnesota dog boarding facility, Top Dog Country Club, so you can have a stress free day!

The guests are here!

Give him something to do & make sure he has a quiet spot to retreat to if he’s feeling overwhelmed.  A treat stuffed kong, or a puzzle toy with treats, is a great way to keep him occupied. 

Keep him out of the kitchen!  There are ovens opening, hot stove burners and people carrying hot dishes.  Keeping him out of the kitchen will prevent someone from stepping on him or dropping a fragile or hot plate on him.

The holiday decorations are beautiful, but the plants are toxic! Keep Poinsettias, holiday berries & mistletoe up and away from your pets.

A lot of what you’re consuming is dangerous to his health! Alcoholic drinks, caffeine, chocolate, onion, garlic, sage and other herbs can cause stomach upset and central nervous system depression.

How about the bird? Giving him small bits of cooked meat is ok – but don’t do it directly from the table!  Do not feed him the skin.  The skin is baked in butter and dangerous herbs.  ABSOLUTELY NO BONES! Bones can splinter and cause an obstruction or tears in the intestinal tract.

Finally time to relax.     

Before you kick your feet up, make sure all of the leftovers are put away out of Fido’s reach and the trash is tightly sealed and taken out.