Tours are given by appointment
between the hours of
10:30 am. - 2:00 pm. 
Please call to arrange a visit
to Top Dog! (952)353-2600
Arrival and departure hours:
7-10 a.m. & 4-7 p.m. daily

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  • Stella, Ruby & Jamis

    When we drop off Stella, Ruby and Jamis at Top Dog, we always rest assured that they will have a wonderful vacation with the best of care and lots of good exercise. And we will do the same because we are comfortable that our dogs are in good hands.
    Jim & Anne Miller

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  • Solo & Bentley

    Solo and Bentley love Top Dog Country Club because they get to meet new friends, soak up the sunshine and get lots of love from the staff (all without having to be on lease). When we say "Top Dog", they wag their tails and run toward the door ready to go. I trust that my boys are well taken care of and I can relax on my vacation or business trip. 
    Kathryn Sterner

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  • Tiepolo

    Top Dog is the closest place to heaven for Tiepolo on this earth! It is such a joy for us to know he is loved when we travel. When we had to be out of the country for two months, we missed him so much, but being able to phone in and learn he was having such a great time, made the time fly. We recommend Top Dog to everyone!
    Charles Taliaferro and Jill Evans

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  • Alice & Pedro

    We love Top Dog because when we are having fun on our vacation we know that Alice and Pedro are having just as much fun on their vacation at Top Dog! They get to play ball for hours and then relax in a clean and beautiful place! Wait a minute . . . maybe Alice and Pedro are having more fun on their vacation than we are! 
    Barb McCutcheon

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  • Norman

    Let me try to condense why we love Top Dog for Norman. First of all, Norman loves to be there and usually doesn't want to come home with us when we pick him up. For me, that means that he is happy, has plenty of play time and most of all, is loved by the staff. It is clearly evident the staff is there because they love the dogs, and this is not just a job. We so enjoy the "report cards" that we receive when we pick up Norman. It gives us a short briefing on all of Norman's daily activities, especially the outside time with friends.

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