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Helping Your Dog Enjoy WinterPosted In: dogs, fun, snow, winter

Dec 08, 2014

Cricket catching snow

Sub-zero temperatures are here in Minnesota and our time outdoors has become limited.  Cabin fever can affect your pup just as much as it can you.  If you’re looking for some fun activities to do with her during the winter – we have a few ideas for you to try!

Play Catch!  If your dog loves to retrieve, she’ll go crazy for snowballs!  Even dogs that don’t play ball usually love to catch a big ball of snow!  Make a nice big fluffy snowball and toss it straight up! If the snow is too dry to form a snowball, just grab a pile in your hands and let it fly . . . I bet you’ve never seen her jump so high.

Treasure hunt!  You can do this outdoors or indoors.  Hide some of her favorite treats or toys in the snow around the yard.  Don’t let her watch you hide them… that’s cheating!  Once everything is hidden, let her nose do the work! 

Hide and Seek!  This is best played with another person.  One person holds onto and occupies the pup while the other person goes and hides.  Again… this can be indoors or outdoors.  Once the hider is hidden, let her loose!   Once she’s found you – switch it up and have the other person hide. 

Enroll in classes!  Even if you have an adult dog, there are still classes you can take.  Agility is fun for the active breeds.  Rally is great because it has obedience and the agility obstacles.  Fine-tune her skills by taking a certified good citizen (CGC) course. 

Food puzzles!  I’m sure you’ve seen them.  They’re in just about every pet store!  Unique contraptions that hide food and treats for your dogs. They have to maneuver the pieces around to find the prize!  This is great for those blustery cold days when a walk is just out of the question!

Social events!  Dogs are social animals and enjoy spending time with other members of the canine family.  Take her to a local dog park or to her favorite Minnesota dog boarding facility, Top Dog, for a day of doggie daycare!  It’s not only physically exhausting, but mentally as well… and mental stimulation is just as important as physical!