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between the hours of
10:30 am. - 2:00 pm. 
Please call to arrange a visit
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  • The Canine Influenza Scare

    Our dogs are family members and we want to do the best that we can to keep them happy and healthy. There is a lot of buzz going around about canine influenza . . . causing a lot of concern.

    I believe that knowledge is power and helps us to make smart decisions regarding risk, exposure, and the health of our most precious pups.

    Here is the scoop . . .


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  • Common Household Poisons

    We all want the best for the four-legged members in our family.  It’s always heartbreaking to see someone you love not feeling well, and it’s even harder when they can’t tell us what’s hurting them.  Sometimes, the answer is right in front of us.  There are everyday toxins in our Minnesota homes that can cause both mild and severe symptoms in dogs.  Symptoms can range from excessive drooling, to seizures and even death.  If you take a look around, you’d be surprised at how many things in your home are a potential hazard for your pup.

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  • Do We Dogs Get Jealous?

    Jealousy over toys . . . over food . . . or attention???              



    According to Wikipedia; jealousy is the protective reaction to a perceived threat to a valued relationship.

    Is it just resource guarding or are we furry kids really capable of an emotion like jealousy? Science has said “no”, we are not.

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  • Curbing Unwanted Table Manners

    We’ve all experienced it at one time or another.  That face… those sad, puppy dog eyes...and the long strand of drool hanging from his chin.  We love our dogs as another member of the family, and can’t handle that pathetic look, so we give in.  Now, we’ve created a monster!  Every meal, every day, this situation repeats itself.   It was cute the first couple of times, but now he’s full grown, and it is embarrassing when guests come for dinner.

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  • February is pet dental health month

    “Look mom . . . no cavities!”

    Here’s the good news:

    • Dog are not really prone to cavities like humans
    • A dog’s mouth is typically cleaner than a humans, partly because their saliva has natural cleaning properties
    • Dogs’ teeth are strong
    • Home dental care will extend your dog’s life


    Here’s the bad news: 0

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