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“My dog is too young for daycare or boarding, I should wait until she’s older.”

Oct 09, 2019

    At Top Dog Country Club, we believe socialization early and often is important for a puppy’s development, and we would love to get your pup “off on the right paw!”

    When thinking of getting a puppy or two, Kona and Wrigley’s mom and dad knew they wanted to make sure their new Shelties receive lots of socialization and wanted to start early. 

    “My wife and I had 6 Shelties over the last 30 years and in the past we had a pet sitter who would stay at our home when we were on vacation or if we were out for the day and the dogs needed to be walked and fed. Those 6 Shelties were all well behaved but never really outgoing and social with other dogs or people. 

    “In March of 2018 we added an 8 week old Sheltie puppy - Kona. We knew before we brought her home we wanted her to be socialized immediately with other dogs and people. We were aware of the excellent reputation of Top Dog and decided we would bring Kona there once a week for socialization, basic training, etc.”

    The first time Kona visited Top Dog, she was just three months old. She was a little shy at first but quickly gained her footing and became very comfortable and had a blast with lots of puppies around her age. Just over a month later, Kona gained a new baby brother named Wrigley and he accompanied his sister to her weekly daycare dates. The first time we met Wrigley was just two days after he turned two months old.

    The pups are now nearing two years old and still come for daycare nearly every Thursday in addition to extended vacations. We’ve had the pleasure of watching them grow from tiny puppies to silly “teenagers” and have loved watching their individual personalities blossom. 


    “I can’t say enough about the great team at Top Dog - they truly care about the dogs in their care and “It is all about the dogs.” After 30 years of having 8 Shelties, both Kona and Wrigley are the most outgoing, social, and playful dogs we have ever had and I firmly believe a big part of that was bringing them to Top Dog at an early age to have them socialized right away. Jean and the entire team at Top Dog are, without a doubt, the best Unkennel you will find. Everyone is professional, kind, courteous, and when they say “It’s all about the dogs,” they sincerely mean that.”