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My dog has mobility challenges - can he still be boarded?

Aug 19, 2019

“In addition to the stroke, Rocky had back issues and a bad heart. If he didn’t regain some mobility, he would have to be put down. Top Dog saved his life.” - Dr. Leilani Hotaling, Minnetonka Animal Hospital

Rocky is 100 pounds of lovable Chocolate Lab who recently suffered a stroke at only 8 years old. He was paralyzed on his left side, had a lot of difficulty moving around, and was reluctant to accept help from his people because he was in pain. 


His medical team at Minnetonka Animal Hospital, led by Dr. Leilani Hotaling, thought that hydrotherapy would be a promising option for him and recommended Top Dog Country Club. “There is no one else I can think of that I would be comfortable sending my clients to who have special health needs. I know that Jean and her team will take exceptional care of them,” says Dr. Leilani.  


Rocky’s dad, Dr. Leilani, and Jean, along with the rest of the staff at Top Dog, worked together to put together a plan for Rocky, hoping some time with other pups and swimming in the inground pool would help him regain some mobility and zeal for life. 


When Rocky arrived at Top Dog, he could barely get around on his own and we could tell he was in pain when we needed to maneuver him to get his lifejacket on. Over the course of his twelve day stay, the Top Dog staff had the pleasure of watching him regain more and more movement in his left side. When it was time to go home, Rocky nearly ran to greet his people, telling them about all the progress he made! Rocky zipped out the door ready for a new lease on life! His dad said “he may never hunt again, but he is still at my side thanks to everyone who helped.”


Whether you have an ElderPup who needs a little assistance getting up from a nap, a dog who uses a wheelchair, or a pup like Rocky, Top Dog Country Club would love to customize a care schedule to ensure a great vacation!


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