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What if there is an emergency with my dog while I’m on vacation?

Jul 25, 2019

We have said on multiple occasions that we couldn’t imagine Howard being in better hands than he was at Top Dog. They saved him, and we are so so grateful for everything they have done for us.”

What if there is an emergency with my dog while I’m on vacation? It’s a question that has crossed every pet owner’s mind when planning for a vacation, and one that was weighing on Howard’s mom’s mind as she sent him and his brother Simon off on their vacation at Top Dog Country Club before she headed out of the country for the Fourth of July.


“The day before we were leaving, Howard, in his infinite wisdom, decided to eat the inside of a running shoe. Not surprisingly, this didn’t make him feel great, and he spent the afternoon throwing up bits and pieces of shoe. When Top Dog came to pick them up, I relayed the day’s events, and they assured me they would keep an eye on him.”


Normally a playful and goofy puppy who loved food, Howard just wanted to lay down and was completely uninterested in his meals. We knew something was wrong and he needed to be seen.


“Jean took Howard to the vet, and sure enough, not only was the shoe insole stuck in his intestine, but a piece of knotted rope was there too (we didn’t even know he ate that!). The vet performed surgery to remove the items, and Jean kept us updated via text and phone about everything that was happening. We had such trust in her judgement and in her understanding of how much we loved this dog, that we empowered her to make decisions even if she couldn’t reach us.”


Howard is just one of many pups we have ensured received the emergency care they needed over our nearly 20 years. Our goal at Top Dog Country Club is to take the weight of worrying off your shoulders so you can enjoy your travels, knowing your pup is having a great vacation of their own while being supervised by our experienced staff.